"Mean more than you say, by design"

Rip & Amber Robinson

Rip and Amber serve churches and Christian organizations internationally, from their home in Heerlen, Netherlands. With an emphasis on helping others tell their stories, Speaking Volumes assists ministries with internet-based tools and services that promote interactive communication and collaboration: content presentation; digital media and resources; training; connection among dispersed communities.

Their daughter, Bryony Robinson-Stoykova (23) is married and lives in Bulgaria. Their sons, Moxham (20) and Jasper (17), attend college while living at home.


Speaking Volumes specializes in analyzing and presenting complex content clearly and consistently; and in being innovative and strategic in the use of available resources.

For the long-term, Rip has a passion for helping "tent-makers" with sustainable projects and business models through collaboration. He works closely with a team of talented developers in India headed by a Christian friend; together they have undertaken or collaborated on a number of large, complex projects that include custom development. "The sum is greater than its parts."

Local Ministry

At the same time, Rip and Amber are committed to being rooted in, and actively involved in, local ministry. They partner with another couple in the planting and growth of a new church in Heerlen, Limburg, since relocating and settling in Heerlen for that specific purpose.

Christelijke Gemeente de Bron

Their church, the name of which translates to "The Well/Source Christian Congregation/Community," is now several years old. They meet Sunday afternoons in a building belonging to another church, and in various homes on Thursdays. Amber's brother, Theo van Reijn, is the pastor.

Amber oversees and organizes both the women's ministry and Sunday School, teaching in both. Both Rip and Amber are involved with church planning and infrastructure, and serve as church trustees. Rip is involved in media, ministry to Iranian asylum-seekers, and practical help.

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