How IGO began...

historical highlights

IGO Worldwide emerged out of a church-planting ministry in England, begun in 1971, by a young American couple, Bruce and Bonnie Robinson. Two growing churches, in Milton Keynes and Buckingham, are but two major achievements resulting from their missionary ministry, spanning over a quarter century.

God demonstrated His grace, through them, in other noteworthy ways. First of all, He gave them four mature and motivated children. All have heard God’s voice and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. All four have been engaged in full-time Christian service with their spouses at one time or another, and two are currently.

Second, God introduced Bruce and Bonnie to scores of other Christian workers, toiling around the world. This informal network bonds together many missionaries, some isolated from the comfort of other believers and family. God uses the Robinsons to minister to these co-laborers in the Lord’s work, who may need prayer, fellowship and support.

Finally, God placed in their pathway loyal friends in North America, who share their compassion for the lost. Many give sacrificially of their finances, time and skills on behalf of world missions.

IGO Worldwide is a reflection of these meaningful glimpses from the Robinson’s’ lifework, relationships and Christian testimony. It is also the result of their belief that the cause of Christ could be better served if seasoned missionaries, like themselves, would partner together in a formal alliance with their home churches, supporters and prayer warriors.

IGO Worldwide is the realization of this vision for missions. It is a nonprofit corporation, registered in the State of Minnesota on June 20, 1996. The Internal Revenue Service granted it tax-exempt status in April of the next year. Contributions to the organization are deductible from income taxes.

IGO Worldwide embraces essential, scriptural principles and employs sound, business practices. As a result, donors have the confidence that their investment in worldwide missions is managed efficiently and effectively by an attentive Board of Directors and a committed Missionary Team in the field.

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