IGO approaches missions...

...by any means consistent with the gospel

IGO Worldwide recognizes that each ministry is unique.

Since there inevitably are struggles to be overcome in accomplishing any form of mission, most of our partners are quite used to doing "whatever it takes". They are quite entrepreneurial. Some are "tent-makers"; some are almost fully-funded. No two are alike.

IGO Worldwide delights in this diversity and encourages it.

What makes IGO unique?

We believe our model fills a niche market:

Typically, one or more persons in each of our ministry couples or teams is indigenous to the field in which they operate, and/or they are already established in their "field"; thereby providing them added credence among the various people groups in their respective fields.

While many mission agencies are geographically, methodologically or even denominationally connected, IGOww allows individuality whilst maintaining a clear, orthodox, New Testament doctrinal commonalty.

Every Global Partner is independently contracted to fulfill a God-led vision as the Holy Spirit leads in today’s ever-changing world. This allows individual personality in how to minister, live, and make various choices (such as life- and health-insurance paths, compliance with local legal requirements, etc.).

IGOww believes in building relationships – Global Partner with supporter, Global Partner with mission staff, and (where practical) Global Partners together. As a mission we maintain close, intentional pastoral care by frequent video calls and personal visits. International or Regional Conferences are held for encouragement and enrichment.

While many mission agencies charge 10% – even up to 20% – for services, IGOww charges 3% and covers many fees that are incurred. Our mission is staffed by experienced and dedicated Christian leaders who volunteer their resources and time without remuneration.

Our Global Partners
engage in:

  • Church planting

  • Discipling & evangelism

  • Family ministry & counseling

  • Leadership development & training

  • Scripture translation

  • Service & community relief

  • Media & content creation

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