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September 2015

MIST Report

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


School is underway for Karen and Esther and things seem to be going well for them. Neil III is teaching band at several schools. John has added several music students and is still playing with several music groups. Eric is an assistant football coach with Malone University. Jeannette and I went to see Eric’s team from Malone play football. 


The main task this month was the conversion of the dictionary for Sarah’s language from one program format (Toolbox) to another (Paratext) that has some useful features for working on Bible translation with two or more people working together. With Paratext, it is possible for people separated by great distances to be able to work together on the same translation by transferring the data to a central location and keeping it all synced together. The conversion has taken a lot of work and is almost complete. I hope to finish it in the next few days. But I have run into some very difficult things to resolve. 

Sarah has continued working on Acts chapter 13 and has been typing it into the computer.

I have been helping Dot with some computer issues.

I am preparing to go to Zambia again this month for the second Seed Company workshop on Acts in Western Zambia. 


  • Finish the dictionary conversion to Paratext
  • Go to the Zambia workshop
  • Work on Dot’s Northern Khmer thesaurus


  • For The Seed Company training mother tongue speakers to translate the Bible into their own languages
  • For my family
  • For all the Bible translators that have had a part in translating the Bible into English


  • That the final parts of the conversion of the dictionary for Paratext will go smoothly and quickly
  • For the workshop in Zambia that the translators will get their work done in advance of the workshop
  • For the translation of God’s Word into Sarah’s language, that it will go well and that it will be distributed widely

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


Neil and Jeannette

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