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August 2015

MIST Report

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


The biggest family happening this month was Jeannette and I taking a vacation in Hawaii. Since the 4th grade, when she wrote a 50 page paper, she has wanted to vacation in Hawaii. We spent 9 days on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai. We stayed in a wonderful ocean front condo and were able to travel over much of the island. We saw Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We went tubing and saw a lot of different sights while we were there. Neither of us wanted to come home when the time was up. It was a busy time and when we got home, we needed a few days to recover from the pace we kept in Hawaii as well as the jet lag. Jeannette is still tired from the trip and from all she has to do around home. Pray for her to find times to just rest.

 Life for the rest of the family is much the same. Karen returned to her university on while we were in Hawaii. Esther will start school after Labor Day. Neil has started teaching a couple of home school bands in the area, and John is getting a few more students, and is playing trombone more as well. Eric is an assistant coach for Malone university. Our Chinese students have both started school at a local Christian school.

Also, for those who remember that my luggage did not make it back from Zambia when I did, it did arrive one day after I got home.


Most of my month was spent away from work traveling, either home from Zambia or in Hawaii. I have been making progress in getting the final elements of the change over to Paratext, a software package designed to work in translating the Bible. I have one more major task to complete and then the remaining tasks for the change over will be minor. Pray for the major task that is left—the conversion of a dictionary from one format to another. Once that is done, it will make other tasks much easier. I am hoping that it will speed up the work on Sarah’s translation.

Sarah continued to work on translation of Acts this month. She completed chapter 11 including typing it into the computer and is working on chapter 12. She completed a rough draft, but after reading through it, she decided to do another revision before typing it into the computer.


  • Continue working on the change over to Paratext
  • Begin working on glossing Acts and begin consultant checking it
  • Finish the work I have been doing on the dictionary for Dot to wrap up what she has been doing on the southeast Asian language she has been working on


  • For safe travels from Zambia and to and from Hawaii
  • For the work that is continuing on the five languages in Mongu, Zambia
  • For all the programmers who have worked diligently over the years on software to assist in Bible translation


  • That I can quickly and accurately finish the final major task and other smaller ones in the software change over
  • That Jeannette will find time to rest so she will have the energy to do all she does around our home
  • Our church is still going through some transitions in the worship ministry and other areas. Pray that people will accept and adjust to the changes, and that the leaders will continue to be sensitive to the people in the congregation. Pray also that the church will continue to grow in the area of making disciples,


Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


Neil and Jeannette

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