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May 2015

MIST Newsletter

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


The major event this month was Jeannette traveling to Germany. She spent two week there, visiting Karin, a friend and former co-worker who lives near Stuttgart. She enjoyed the time away and got to travel to many places in Germany via train and spent part of a day in Paris, traveling there and back by train. One reason for going to visit was to find out for certain if her friend Karin was a believer and to share the Good News with her friend if she was not a believer. Jeannette was able to talk with Karin and found out that her friend was not a believer, but that she was interested and wanted to read the Bible. Jeannette shared with her and got her set up with a Bible app on her iPad. Her friend is moving back to the US and Jeannette hopes to be able to share with her more. Pray for Karin.

 While Jeannette was gone, I was responsible for the house, for laundry and meals and for getting our two Chinese students to and from school and their other activities. Jeannette prepared many of the meals and froze them before she left, so I did not have a lot to do for the meals. I knew that Jeannette was busy and had a lot to do when she was home, but now I have a better understanding from experience how much she does and how busy she is. And there were still many things that she did before she left that I did not have to do. 

Karen came home from the university she goes to. Esther drove about 12 hours one way to pick her up. Karen is staying here this summer, apart from two master classes out east that she will be attending. Esther has been staying here most of the time since Karen came home, even though she has an apartment not far from here close to her school. Karen has a summer job at the UPS store where John was working. She is just learning the job but she seems to enjoy it so far. Esther is working as an intern at our church with the junior high girls and is also working at the local office of the youth symphony organization. 

Neil III will be working on a couple of short term jobs with the local public schools and John will be teaching music lessons (piano and brass), composing music and playing trombone with a variety of groups. Eric will be helping out as an assistant coach in Ohio. He plans to return home in mid-July for a longer visit. 

Our Chinese students will be returning to China for the summer. Yuan will be finishing school on June 10 and will leave around mid-June. Maggie finished school in late May and will leave toward the end of June after taking a drivers ed class.  Maggie will be back with us in the fall along with another Chinese student. Yuan will be going to another school too far from us to take her there, so she will be staying with a different host family next year.


Sarah continues reading through 1 John to find anything that we had missed during the exegetical check. So far most of the very few changes she has found are minor changes, usually in the spelling. Some of the spelling changes are things I missed when I added words that she dictated over Skype and I missed one of the very small differences in pronunciation. We should be finished with the final read through this month. I have been entering her corrections into the computer, but I need to ask her about some of the spelling and other changes to find out if they are changes that need to be made throughout all we have translated so far. We will be traveling up to see Sarah for about a week this month. We plan to do some computer upgrades along with helping her do some community testing of scripture with some of her relatives. Pray for a successful time with Sarah this month. 

Also, Sarah has been having some medical issues off and on since we started working with her, but she seems to be having a couple of problems now that are more severe. She does not know what is wrong, and so far the doctors don’t know either. Pray for her health. 

I worked some with Dot this month, but not a lot. She called a few times, but only had minor questions. My sister has not been able to get Dot’s computer upgraded yet, but hopefully she can this month. 


  • Upgrade Sarah’s computer and add some programs to help with the translation process 
  • Finish all of 1 John this month
  • Finish working on Dot’s thesaurus


  • For plane transportation that has brought the world closer together and made it easier for missionaries to get to where God wants them
  • For Dave and Dot Thomas, faithful Bible scholars, Bible translators, linguists, teachers and encouragers of young translators, who for many years faithfully served God. David served God until God took him home in 2006. Dot is continuing to serve Him now at 86 years of age. 
  • For Sarah and her faithful work on Bible translation since 1999


  • For Karin, Jeannette’s friend in Germany, that she would believe in Christ and find peace and the forgiveness of her sins
  • For our trip to visit Sarah this month, that we can do all that we are planning
  • For Sarah’s health, that God would show the doctors what is wrong and for God’s healing, either through the doctors or directly though a miracle

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


Neil and Jeannette


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