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The Past Becomes the Future
Apr 2016

The Past Becomes the Future

ALL, Leadership Equip International

Outer Space, Michigan, and Birthdays

It's been an interesting month to say the least. Traveling (on business and as a family), anticipating Boji's birthday, and visiting a Space museum have been the highlights!

Outer Space

Boji is growing and developing like crazy right now. One of his keen interests that has developed is Outer Space. As a family, we packed up and took off to Hutchinson, Kansas and visited the 'Cosmosphere'. Boji had no idea what we were doing...but he was 'bouncing off the walls' with excitement. We met up with Grami and Grampi there and had a great time learning about Space travel, studying the stars, and just having fun together as a family.


To Michigan...and Beyond!!

I (Brent) continued to engage in my role as the SHAPE Catalyst for West Side Family Church. I'm enjoying this and feeling 'in the groove'. I also had a trip for our side business this month to Michigan to work with a new customer. I had a great time doing team building and sales training for a German company. Here's an example of the DiSC report that we use for this type of training. As I write this, I'm in North Carolina in my old 'stomping grounds'. I'm here on business, but very much reflecting on the past and the future. God has worked deeply in my life while in North Carolina through the years and I have many good friends here.


Boji's Birthday

Someone is 'bouncing off the walls' again as we prepare to have his birthday next week. Invitations are written and printed (with fancy horse and indian graphics!). The animals at the nature center are waiting for us to arrive so they can liven up the party. 20+ kids are anticipating a great party for our happy little guy. We are excited as we watch Boji get more excited.




Team Building?

Can we help your organization? We are serving groups more and more in knowing how to build stronger teams. Check out our resources at and let us know if we can serve your organization.



In the last couple of prayer letters, I mentioned Bulgaria. Yesterday, I received some good news - I've been invited to help with some team building and leadership development workshops for a group of Christian ministries throughout Bulgaria. I will facilitating workshops on how God gifts us uniquely and I we can use these gifts to serve well in a team. The workshop will be in Sophia. I (Brent) will be traveling by myself April 2-9 on this trip. I would love for Steph and Boji to go with me, but that won't be the case this time. Hopefully, they can come next time :).


Prayer Corner

A fun and engaging birthday party for Boji and his friends Raising an additional $1500 for the trip to Bulgaria Recognizing God's hand in our lives day to day

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