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Love and Serve
Mar 2016

Love and Serve

ALL, Leadership Equip International

It's an exciting time of year for us as the Green family. We get excited about green grass, flowers, warm weather, and soccer starting in the KC area. The above picture was taken in one of our favorite places in the whole world -at Sporting Park where we watch Sporting KC play matches :).

SHAPE, Visitors, and Bulgaria?

I (Brent) took a new role at the church as the 'SHAPE Catalyst'. In this role, I meet with folks that take the SHAPE assessment to help them process through the results.

In addition, I've taken the responsibility of training the other SHAPE coaches at our church. We currently have 8 coaches and hope to increase that number. Each month, we have 30-60 people take the SHAPE assessment, and we expect that to increase.

This is a very fun role for me. So many people that I meet with have a fantastic story of how God has pursued them....of how God has written a story in their lives. Here's one example:

His life had been a mess. He openly admitted to wrecking 2 marriages. He cried as he told of his battle with alcohol. His voice strengthened as he told me about being sober for 15 years....and about his new fiancee who was also walking with God. He was far from perfect....but he was ready to serve. He 'dove in' to a regular discipleship group and is eager to serve in the DivorceCare ministry at the church.

He's just one example of many that we meet with each month. So many people...that God has pursued and brought into his family at Westside.


What's Your SHAPE?

We offer the assessment to anyone who's interested. Want to see how God has gifted you?

Check out the assessment here. You'll get the results instantaneously.

Want to talk through your results afterwards? Call me or email me and I'd be glad to schedule a coaching session: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 7895-979-0381.



Our friends and ministry partners from England visited us this month as well. We had a great, encouraging time as we spent time together as families. Boji fell in love with them and started calling them 'Grandma Bonnie' and 'Grandpa Chief Indian' (Bruce). We loved having the Robinsons visit :)



We've been praying about possibly getting back to Bulgaria (Boji's home country). There are some ministry opportunities there. We feel a draw to that part of the world to serve...and to help Boji reconnect with his home culture. Please pray for us in this. Thanks for your prayers and support through the years - we appreciate it!


Prayer Corner

-SHAPE activities at Westside Family Church

-Possibility of serving in Bulgaria in the future

-Boji's continued spiritual and academic development 

 In Him, Brent Steph and Bo

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