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The Greens currently live in Baldwin City, Kansas. They work with international student ministry (International Friends) at the University of Kansas, which is affiliated with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Mar 2016
The Past Becomes the Future

ALL, Leadership Equip International

Bulgarian Adventures


It was a great time. One week in Bulgaria at a Church-Planting Conference. People from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, Holland, and the U.S. were there. It was a bit of Heaven on Earth....

Mar 2016
Love and Serve

ALL, Leadership Equip International

Love and Serve

It's an exciting time of year for us as the Green family. We get excited about green grass, flowers, warm weather, and soccer starting in the KC area. The above picture was taken in one of our favorite places in the whole world -at Sporting Park where we watch Sporting KC play matches :).

Dec 2013
2013 LEI Report of Accomplishments

ALL, Leadership Equip International


I think our biggest success this year is Bo joining us and adapting to U.S. culture. His heart surgery in May went well. He continues to gain height and weight rapidly since this surgery. He’s a big blessing to us – he adds to much ‘life’ day to day in our lives. It’s exciting to see God’s glory expressed in unique ways through his personality, through his character.

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