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May 2016

Roma Hope

ALL, Roma Hope


I hope each of you found ways to grow in Christ this past month, and to bless those around you. God has been filling me with courage and creativity this past month. I participated in a retreat that, among other things, provided much needed encouragement. This may come as a surprise to you all but; I am a chicken, I'm not a fan of traveling, and I wouldn't describe myself as a “starter.” So this new chapter of my life, where I move to foreign country and generate a ministry is way out of my comfort zone. But God is strongest in my weakness. I very much feel that this is my next step, and lest I begin to doubt, God continues to provide ample affirmation that He has indeed, been preparing me and that He will sustain me throughout, if only I let Him. Given what I said about being a chicken, it is almost humorous when people describe me as brave. Yet I am learning to understand it is God's Spirit in me Who gives me the courage to do things that appear crazy-bold to those around me. Not only does He provide courage, but everything else I need to glorify Him in the world.


At the aforementioned retreat, I also met several people who are interested in partnering financially with me, and the owners of a printing company who agreed to assist with anything I need, at cost! I met with them last week, and they are working on some resources for support raising and promotion.


I also had the opportunity to meet an IMB missionary on furlough. Although he is a minister in the U.K., he speaks fluent Romanian and was able to give me some insight into the language and culture, as well as provide some opportunities for networking in the future.

Please continue praying with me for:

-Further equipping

-Open doors in the Roma communities

-Partners in ministry

Thank you for your prayers!

Grace and peace,

Amber Hamilton

Roma Hope

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