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January 2016

MIST Newsletter

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


 Karen is looking into grad schools now, since she will be graduating this Spring. She plans to continue on flute performance. She has five auditions on flute at grad schools, all of the auditions being in February. Her first one was this week and she said it went very well.

We have two Chinese students staying with us this year. One of them, Maggie, is already a believer. The other one, Nancy has said she wants to become a believer but has some questions first. We have asked the teacher of the Chinese youth Bible study that we helped set up last fall and his wife to talk to Nancy to help answer her questions. 

Esther will be finishing her clarinet performance degree this spring, and will be continuing her bachelors degree studies with another major in Business. We heard her school’s wind ensemble play a concert last night. 

Jeannette has been feeling tired for several years, and was just recently diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea. She will get a CPAP machine in a few days and hopefully will find some long awaited relief. This past year she experienced health issues that brought attention to this condition, which she has probably suffered from for many years.

Our son Neil has, at the age of 28, been diagnosed with ADHD and has found relief after taking medication. In the past, he has been able to compensate for some of the issues of ADHD, but never felt like he was living up to his potential. With the changes he has seen since starting the medication, he is hopeful that he can live up to his potential..

The rest of our family are doing well.


Jeannette began working more this month on the translation with Sarah. She and Sarah worked together to finish cleaning up the Khmer to roman orthography conversion. They worked on Galatians and are now working on Acts. I worked with Sarah on the introduction to Galatians. This month, I will be working more with Jeannette to help her to do the exegetical check of Acts with Sarah and I will work on the exegetical check of Galatians. Sarah is continuing with the first draft of Acts. She finished typing chapter 13 this month after revising her first draft and is working on chapter 14. 

I heard good news from Dot about the dictionary I have been helping her with for several years.  She had heard from Chuck, the gentleman in the heartland who is helping edit the dictionary. He said he should be finished in a month or so and will send it to her soon. Then I will be able to finish entering the corrections and it will be ready for publication.

I (Neil) will be leaving toward the end of the month to again go to Mongu, Zambia for another translation workshop. We will continue our focus on Acts, this time on chapters 16-22. Pray for all of us, both consultants and national translators, as we travel and spend three weeks checking and translating Acts.


  1. Work on checking Acts (Jeannette) and Galatians (Neil) with Sarah
  2. Prepare for the Zambia workshop on Acts
  3. Travel to Zambia on February 24 and 25 to begin the workshop on Feb 29


  1. For Sarah and her commitment to the translation of the Bible into her own language
  2. For Nancy’s interest in becoming a Christian
  3. For God’s word which shows us how to be saved and leads us in doing God’s will
  4. For medical help to diagnose Jeannette and our son Neil to give them relief from long term issues


  • For Nancy that she will receive Christ and be saved and will grow as a believer
  • For safety for Neil as he travels to the Zambia workshop and for the workshop that it will be productive
  • For Jeannette to feel comfortable and confident as she works with Sarah on the exegetical (accuracy) check of Acts

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Neil and Jeannette


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