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February 2016

MIST Newsletter

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


Karen has finished all of her graduate school auditions. It was quite a marathon of traveling from one coast to the other with stops in between. She was accepted into two of the schools she auditioned for, and now has to make a decision as to which one to go to. 

Jeannette got her CPAP machine in early February to help with the sleep apnea which she was diagnosed with last month. She has been sleeping much better and feels much more rested and has more energy.


Jeannette has been working a lot with Sarah this month on the exegetical check of Acts. She has gotten up to chapter 4 and is moving along quite well. She has been enjoying working with Sarah. Jeannette likes the programs she is using to work with Sarah. One of them, Paratext, lets Jeannette immediately see on her computer the changes that Sarah is making from over a thousand miles away. She can is using Skype to talk to Sarah and another program that lets Jeannette control Sarah’s computer when she encounters a problem that she can’t solve. 

I was getting ready for the Zambia workshop and was not able to do much with getting Galatians ready for checking with Sarah. One of the things that kept me busy was finishing the setup of three computers for the Zambia translation workshop. All five project computers were stolen some time last year between our first and second workshops and they were replace by generous donors to the Seed Company for the Zambia workshops. Another consultant received the other two computers to setup and take to Zambia. They all arrived safely in our carry-on luggage and are being much used by the mother tongue translators for the five languages of the project.

In addition to the computers, I was preparing Acts for the Zambia workshop. I was typing in the English interlinear which had been hand written. I was also preparing consultant questions for Acts, which we are working on in Zambia.

Here at the workshop, I am using the same program that Jeannette is using to work with Sarah, Paratext, to work with the Makoma here in Zambia. Right now, we are working face to face, but within a year or so, I hope that I can work more with them long distance, so that I can do some checking with them from the US. If I am not limited to just the time I can be in Zambia, the work can move along much more quickly.

The Makoma have finished the draft of 22 of the 28 chapters of Acts, have keyboarded all of those chapters and have team checked all but one of those chapters. We have finished the exegetical consultant check of the first 7 and a half chapters and have five and a half chapters back translated (interlinear Makoma-Englishj) on the computer. Pray that I can get at least 4 and a half chapters consultant checked before the workshop ends on March 17.


Complete the workshop here in Zambia, doing lots of consultant checking and returning home on March 21

For Jeannette to continue working with Sarah on the exegetical check of Acts

For me to recover from jet lag and begin working again on getting Galatians ready for checking with Sarah


For Jeannette—she is feeling much more comfortable using the software in checking Acts with Sara

For safe travels to Lusaka in Zambia and another 10 hours to the workshop location in Mongu in the western province of Zambia.

For the good progress the Makoma are making on Acts


That I will get a lot of work done with the Makoma in Zambia before I leave in two weeks on March 21

For safety in travels as I, four other consultants, and five teams of translators return home

That God’s word will have a great effect among both the Makoma and Sarah’s people group

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Neil and Jeannette


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