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April 2016

MIST Newsletter

ALL, Ministry in Scripture Translation


Esther (on clarinet) and Karen (on flute) both had wonderful Senior Recitals. Karen traveled home to play on one piece with Esther, and Esther traveled to Karen’s school to hear her recital. Karen will graduate this weekend, and Jeannette and I will be going there to see her graduate and to help her move back home. Esther’s graduation is at least a year away, because in addition to a Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance, she is also getting a business degree.

John arranged a six-piece jazz piece for a full 17-piece jazz band, and a high school jazz band played it last month. Later this month, a local professional jazz band will play it as well. 



Jeannette worked with Sarah for about 2-3 weeks this month. Sarah had surgery last week and has still not started working with Jeannette again.  We are praying for her recovery. During the rest of the month, Jeannette and Sarah were able to do an exegetical check on the rest of Acts 7 as well as Acts 8 and all but 3 verses of chatper 9. Jeannette has prepared chapters 10 and 11 for checking.

I typed the English interlinear I have for the two chapters of Acts (20 and 22). I have also been working on getting Acts for the Makoma language ready for checking and chapter 13 is now ready. The Makoma translation team, along with the other four language teams are meeting now in Mongu, Zambia to complete the work on the last six chapters of Acts (23-28). The plan is to get it into the computer with a back translation so that I can review it for places where the Makoma and the Greek do not match in meaning. They will also be correcting the back translation of several previous chapters.

The man (Chuck) editing the national language part of Dot’s dictionary has not yet sent us his next installment. So we will be working on the thesaurus for another language that she has been working on. I will be working on that next week (first full week in May) while the Makoma team, working in Zambia, are making changes in Acts.


  1. Finish Dot’s thesaurus
  2. Continue working on the Makoma translation of Acts, getting questions ready for consultant checking during the next trip to Zambia in July-August
  3. Jeannette will continue working on Sarah’s translation of Acts; she will be continuing to look for places where Sarah’s translation does not have the same meaning as the Greek


  1. For a safe trip to hear Karen’s Senior Recital
  2. For God’s word and how it changes lives through the message of forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God
  3. For the fellowship of believers and the encouragement of other believers


  • For Sarah’s quick recovery from her surgery
  • For a safe trip to Karen’s graduation
  • To be able to finish Dot’s thesaurus
  • That Chuck will be able to complete the national language editing of Dot’s dictionary

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.


Neil and Jeannette


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