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Jul 2016

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We pray that our new home will be a blessing to many and that it will be used greatly by God. Please come and visit. Everyone is welcome. God is good.

We are in the midst of doing up an old house built in 1944 (by Germans occupying the Netherlands). It has been an exhausting but very exciting project. We are so thankful for the friends and family who have helped us get this far. We thank God for giving us strength and endurance during the mortgage and buying process which took about six months.

Our new address from the 5th of July:
the Robinsons
Vrijheerenberg 37
6414 EC Heerlen
the Netherlands

In other news Bryony is getting ready for her Peru trip. Thank you so much for those who have been praying and who have given money. The group is leaving on the 22nd of July. Please pray for Bryony to be a blessing to her group and to the team and project Mama Alice they will be helping. God is good.

The kids have only three more weeks of school before the summer holidays. It will give us all time to organise and tidy the new house.

Christelijke Gemeente de Bron::

Our congregations has almost doubled with many refugees from Iran. We love them and love fellowshipping with them. Please pray they will receive their status soon so they can stay in the Netherlands. Several of them have come to know Christ and several have asked to be baptised. God is good.

Thank you for your prayers. We have really felt God sustaining us.

Love from Rip, Amber, Bryony, Mox & Jasper

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