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Aug 2016

Back to School...More Teachers

ALL, Church Planting Network

The Lord has been good to all of us here on the Central Coast of California throughout these summer months…and now we are coming to the next season…as our school children return next week…we are reminded of just how fast this year is moving.

May God bless you…our family and friends…thank you for thinking and praying about our work here.

A New Teacher In Town

There is a new teacher in Paso Robles…about an hour from us. He is none other than one of our own kids…Rogelio Jr. Ordonez. This week he begins his math high school teaching career! He has been in school for many years including 5 years of university studies. Finally, he is fulfilling his passion in the teaching field. I affectionately call him Rogerito instead of “Jr.”… which is a Spanglish version of his name. He has been a great example of diligence and faithfulness to the Lord, his family, his church and his schooling. He has a love for the subject matter and more important, a love for people…especially kids. He will be returning every weekend to serve in his church and lead the singing each Sunday.

More Students…More Potential

Jesus called his followers “disciples” which is also translated “learner” or “student.” Our aim here has been to fulfill the directive of our Master and recruit more and more students into the learning sessions that we have through the week in various homes. Here we can personalize the teaching and take time to answer questions that people are ready to ask. This is the environment where the early church grew spiritually and eventually exploded sending its teaching throughout Jerusalem and beyond. This is where everyone can learn to use their home and the homes of others to get the truth throughout the entire community.

More Students…More Teaching

We know that God’s plan is to see every student become a teacher of the truth. Whether it’s in a public setting to many or personally one to one as a tutor…The design of the growth of the kingdom is to be by reproducing more and more followers who are ready to teach. So this is our prayer to see everyone become a serious student practicing what they are learning so they can help others apply the truth in “real Life.”

More Participation…More Content

As it says in I Corinthians 12-14 and Ephesians 4, the entire body is to be involved in “edifying itself.” This means that all members must be encouraged to be engaged…processing the truth and sharing what God is teaching them personally. Through this means everyone becomes a teacher as well as being a learner. God uses those who are young in the faith as well as those who are more mature in their faith. Every week we encourage every member participation in memorization, reading, sharing insights and personal applications of what they are receiving from the Lord, and prayer for one another.

More Truth…More Grace

We are told to “grow in grace…and the knowledge of our Lord”…and that “truth and grace” work together to accomplish God’s will and purposes in our lives… and in the world around us. The more we let the word of truth “dwell in us” the more in sync we are with our Lord’s plans…and this means that his grace will flow freely upon us without obstruction or hindrance. Great grace develops great followers…and great followers will experience great results as they represent Jesus upon this earth. Jesus said that we could expect to see even greater things than what he saw accomplished in his earthly ministry (John 14: 12).

More Fervency…More Fire…More Light

How we all need to grow in our passion…having a “fervent spirit”…as we pray and as we serve. This is what our Lord is waiting to see…those seeking Him diligently with their “whole heart…” doing everything for “his glory.” These are the kind of sheep we are desiring to see developed here in our little fold.

We are committed to the reduplication of teachers…so our followers may “disciple and teach all ethnic groups” (Matt. 28:19).

More Teachers…More Kingdom Growth

We are committed to the reduplication of teachers…so our followers may “disciple and teach all ethnic groups” (Matt. 28:19). May seek first his kingdom…by using the keys to open the door to all who are being called!

May you all continue to have a great summer!

Kingdom Blessings To You All,
Steve Cornelius

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