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Sep 2013

School has started

ALL, India Mission

Hello dear e-pray friends, It is very quiet at our house these days! We are so thankful that this summer we had John & all the boys home for the most part, coming and going with work and friends and activities. It was a very busy summer, but really wonderful, full of time together as a family and lots of time with people we love. :)

Now, John is back in India and it is only Daniel & me at home. We are still busy but it sure is quieter! :) Just to give you an update with what all the boys are doing now… Danny is a Senior in high school this year, and I am still in denial! Jake headed back to UW-LaCrosse for his Sophomore year. David is back at UW-Stout in Menomonie for his Senior year, although he will still have another year since he has lightened his load so he could continue to work at the organization where he did his internship this summer. Josh has moved down to New Orleans and is doing an internship with a church there for this year as he establishes residency, then his plan is to finish his 2 years of college there.

We are so thankful for the way the Lord has led and we ask that you would please pray for them, along with any high school or college aged young person you know, for protection & provision, especially for strong relationships with the Lord and with others that they can share that relationship with. It is not easy out there! Thank you! :)

John has been back in India for a few weeks now, and his time has gone very differently than he expected! The state that we live in there, called Andhra Pradesh, has been debating for years if it would split into two states, and this summer the government agreed to make the split. This has cause quite an uproar and there are protests going on all over the whole state. This means that most government offices are closed completely while the workers strike, or are only open for 1-2 hours/day. At the time I talked to John he said that all the buses have stopped, & about 400,000 government workers were going on strike. While he was at the office to pay our electric bill the workers told him they may go on strike, too, which means there may be no electricity!

It will be very difficult for him to work on getting the land deal finished, but he is still trying to do what he can! Please pray for the Lord’s timing on all of the office work that needs to be done, for His favor on John’s meetings & interactions with all the people & offices who are involved. Thank you!

John has been happy to have the time to spend with the Pastors and has been going around to the different areas visiting and meeting with Pastors and congregations. He is always so encouraged to hear their stories and see all that the Lord is doing, working mightily among them! Thank you so much, as always, for your prayer and care for us. We are always SO grateful to the Lord for His giving us all of you! We are really dependent on you & your part with us in this work, to be able to do what we do, so again, thank you so much! :)

Blessings! His joy, Love, The Nanda’s :)

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution for the ministries of SERVE India (support for pastors, children, widows, training center, special projects) make a note in the memo, write and send the check to: SERVE India, 777 Carmichael Road, Hudson, WI 54016

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution for our personal support (support for our family's living expenses, including our travel to India) it comes from your contributions to International Gospel Outreach (IGO): Your gifts are tax-deductible if made payable to International Gospel Outreach only. Please write “IM” (India Mission) on the check memo line. Do not put Nanda’s name on the check. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that IGO has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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