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October 2014

E-pray from the Nanda's

ALL, India Mission

The Rest of the Story...

Dear Epray Friends,

(Sorry to leave you hanging last month… )  So, to continue the story… We left off at:

"…but what they experienced from the villagers was actually very little interest or interaction. Josh & the others were wondering… was this whole trip worth it??  After all the effort they had made there were only a few people who even cared to listen."

It was time to head out, back to their vehicle, but there was NO way that they felt that they could go back up the very difficult terrain that they had come down, so… hmm… then a villager from the next village suggested that they hike there. He would lead them. The path was less treacherous, and the next village would give them access to motorcycles which could bring them to the next village where they could catch a bus back up to their vehicle. That was the plan they settled on and they started out. This was much easier trekking, less difficult but very long.  After 11 hours they finally all reached the village and were happy to enter in!

What soon became clear was that this village, like the last, was very remote, but this village also, for reasons they found out later, never had visitors. Outsiders were never allowed in. The people were shocked & amazed to have these strangers walk into their village. The man from that village that had led them there explained why they had come and what they did in the last village.  When these villagers heard they asked for the team to share with them, too.

The team was happy to share what supplies they had left and even more so to share their messages of Hope and Truth.  This time 100% of the village came to hear them, and they were so moved by their messages. They had never heard such a Message. Some of the women were crying, and they all wanted to hear more! The team was able to spend very special time with these dear people. The Lord was really at work in them. When it came time for the team to leave, which they found a ride out literally on the top of a truckload of coconuts, several of the villagers followed after them and pleaded with the Pastor to come back somehow. He said that he would get to work on getting some sort of plan in place.  This is definitely something we can pray for with them!

So, all of that, all of the hours of preparation, the traveling, the tiring effort, the waiting, the hunger & thirst, was all worth it!!!!!!  This little village who had never heard and may not have ever heard, was cared for by our Father, and He sent this team who was willing, to share His love with them. SO great!! J

I asked Josh what he learned from this trip and he wrote,

"I learned a lot of things, but most importantly, I learned the power of being lead by my God and the power that honest, diligent prayer can have. As we were in it we felt like we were in constant contact with Him, and that He was taking care of us and using us for His purpose. He created a plan for us that we discovered step by step as we obeyed. It was far more complex and amazing than anything we could have orchestrated on our own. God loves those people and He loves us."

It is really a joy to belong to our Lord and always an adventure to walk in obedience, whether we understand what He is doing at the time or not!  He is faithful and His purposes are always good and His love is great. We are so thankful!

Thank you, as always, for caring and praying for us and all the ministries of SERVE India! Please keep praying for the land deal to be finished up this month, it is looking hopeful that it just might! We should have the good news by next e-pray.  Blessings!!


His joy, Love, The Nanda’s. J

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