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November 2015

Love and Serve

ALL, Emmanuel

Wow, what a month!


Love and Serve

So others would know Christ...

As I reflect on the month of November, I just have to say "Wow!, What a month!"  There are a lot of pictures in our report this month, and there were so many more that I wanted to share.  We praise God for the opportunities He has given us to love and serve others in the Dominican Republic, and pray that all we say and do would lead others to know Christ more.

Visiting the girls at the orphanage in Guerra.  Doing a craft and sharing a message of love and hope from the Word of God.  Pictured here with them is Kelsey Squires, one of my former students from STMA high school!  Kelsey came to visit for 10 days at the beginning of November.
From left to right: David DeMers, Susana Sanchez and David "Chappy" Walden.  We are gearing up for round 2 of the Practical Theology Diploma program at the Evangelical University in Santo Domingo.  This year we are happy to have David DeMers on our team.  

DeMers is a graduate of Bethel Seminary in San Diego, working on his doctorate.  He is fluent in Spanish and has a lot of experience working cross-culturally.  We adds so much to our team.  I'm really looking forward to working with him.  
In November we also hosted Ken Trammell from South Dakota.  He came to participate in trainings for leadership and evangelism in preparation for a big evangelism campaign in March.  It was a treat to spend time with him, and we are praying that many would come to know Christ during the event in March.  
We visited two of the communities where the youth are working with the kids - worshipping, teaching the Bible and helping kids with reading and writing.  It was great to see them in action and see the special relationships these leaders have formed with the kids they are working with.  
On December 3rd we flew to Minnesota, and we will be here for about a month.  This is the first time Joselo has experienced the winter cold and seen snow, and it's the first time in 5 years that I will have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my family.  We are thrilled to be here.  

There are many people we want to see and things we want to do while we are here, and we know that we need to take time to rest and refresh as well.

Please pray for God to take control of our time here, direct us in all we do, and that we would also be a blessing to those around us.  

Also, pray for our brothers and sisters - our partners in ministry in the Dominican Republici as they celebrate Christmas this month.
While Kelsey was here we also visited girls in a new community we've been working in near Santo Domingo called El Valiente.  This is a very poor community, far-removed from the city.  There are a lot of challenges and temptations for the youth in this community, including teenage pregnancy.  

We go to bring a word of hope and encouragement and teach the truth of who God is and what He has done for us from the Bible.  

We are also teaching them some crafts they can make with recycled materials that they can make on their own and sell to provide for some of their basic personal needs. 
The young adult team from Hato Mayor participated in the Global Leadership Summit again this year in Santo Domingo.  They LOVED it!  

I didn't get to attend this year because of other commitments, but when I saw the youth they told me all about it.   They learned a lot and are excited to incorporate these new ideas into their ministry.  

We praise God and thank Resurrection Lutheran Church for sponsoring us again this year.  It truly is an incredible experience.  
Josh and I continue to meet every Friday for discipleship with this group of young adult leaders in Hato Mayor.  
Our last event in November was a gathering for the leaders of the Community Bible Studies.  They've finished the study of Ephesians and are now going to start on Acts.  We heard great stories of how God is using CBS to transform lives - especially in the women's group.  

There are people from 7 different churches represented in this photo, four others couldn't make it because of illness or rain.  We are excited to see this group expand even more in 2016.
Love and Serve...this is what we do, so that others may know Christ.

As you prepare to celebrate Christmas this December, may you be filled with an incredible awareness of God's presence in your life, His love and grace, and may you respond by loving Him, worshipping Him and following Him with all of your heart. 

In the love of Chirst, 
Kristin, Joselo and Elliot

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