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May 2018

Faithfulness of God and Our Furlough


Romans 10:11

Those who trust in the Lord will never be put to shame.  

Reflecting on the faithfulness of God these past eight years of full-time ministry in the Dominican Republic.


God is faithful.

While I was sitting in a pew of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Albany, MN on Wednesday evening, I was overwhelmed by the faithfulness of God.  I pictured in my mind the Sunday morning eight years ago when I stood in front of the same church to tell the congregation that I was going to be leaving for the Dominican Republic for an undetermined amount of time, that I had left my job as a high school math teacher, and that I was going because I felt God was calling me to do so.  No, I wasn't exactly sure how things were going to work out, but I was sure that since God was leading me to do this, God would take care of me.

Pastor Brad Pearson, my family, friends, childhood Sunday School teachers and other brothers and sisters in Christ whom I have known as long as I can remember attending church came forward to lay hands on me in prayer and send me off.  It was a special moment that I will never forget

I'm sure not everyone in the church that Sunday thought my decision was a wise or good one.  I remember being asked a few times, "How will you survive?"  It took all the courage I could find and a little more which the Holy Spirit provided in just the right moments to get me on that airplane.  I was determined to trust in the goodness of God and believe in His promises.  

A verse I remember clinging to during those months leading up to my departure was, Romans 10:11, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame." 

Now, eight years later, I can testify that God is good and He is faithful to keep His promises.  He has provided for me in every single way these past eight years - from finances to friends, a husband, two beautiful baby boys, health and safety, meaningful life and fruitful ministry, to name a few.  Have there been hard times?  YES and YES!  But, in a second's glance, I can see how God was present and faithful even in those difficult moments.  

It's clear to me now - may I remember the next time things get tough and aren't going the way I think they should be going, that God is faithful, and He can be trusted every time.


Holy Communion and Foot-washing

The youth leaders from all of the different communities unite every three months for a "spiritual activity."  Sometimes this means we have a special worship service or a prayer retreat, but the idea is that we take time together to thank God, worship and grow in our personal relationship with Him.  

Last month we gathered to remember the incredible things Jesus did to serve us even unto His death, and we asked God for the grace to be able to serve others in love as He taught us to do. 


Parent's Day Activities

We hosted our annual Parent's Day in the six different communities where we serve.  Parents were invited to come to a special event where they worshipped, heard a special teaching and played games together with their children.  It's a special day where we remind everyone of the love God has for all of us as His kids, and we encourage parents in their role of pointing their children to Jesus. 


A New Motorcycle!

We want to give a special thanks to the members of Resurrection Lutheran Church in Monticello, MN for donating the money to purchase a new motorcycle for the youth ministry.  This motorcycle is used several times a week, and is a huge blessing to our team.


Community Bible Study 

While we were visiting La Piedra a few weeks ago for home visits and to follow up with some families after a recent mission trip, I had the opportunity to meet these four young people who have been attending the Community Bible Study class at their church that we helped start.  Through their studies of God's Word, they decided they want to be follower's of Jesus.

Furlough or Home Assignment

Yes, we are currently in Minnesota!  We arrived on May 19th and plan to stay for a few months for a time of furlough or home assignment.  If you're not exactly sure what home assignment is all about, there are some good articles on the internet.  Click here for one article that I found helpful.  

While we are here in MN, we have several goals: reconnect with extended family, friends, prayer and financial partners; reflect on what God has done through our ministry over the past 8 years and refocus on the season of ministry ahead; take time for personal refreshment and spiritual renewal by attending our home church, Bible studies and enjoying worship services in English, among other things; rejoicewith financial partners by sharing experiences and testimonies with them and personally communicating how important and appreciated their partnership is; and raise the financial support we need to return to the mission field and continue following God wherever He leads us.

We appreciate all of your prayers during this time and hope to see many of you in the months ahead.  God bless!

Kristin, Joselo, Elliot and Evan


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