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Sep 2013

Mission: Refocus…Aim…Fire

ALL, Church Planting Network

John 4:35

Lift up your eyes and look…

Any one who has used a magnifying instrument (scope) understands the need for focusing and refocusing in order to see correctly through the lens. Life can get out of focus…ministry can get out of focus…

If we are not alert and diligent to keep things in focus…our target may not be seen clearly…and we will not be ready for action.

So our vision must be clear…and our target must be in plain view…this is all necessary to taking accurate aim.

Our actions are like firing a weapon…to be successful we must see our target…take aim…and fire. When we hit the target we will be hitting the goal and accomplishing the results of our mission.

Refocusing the lenses of the church: spiritual vision

Jesus took most of his ministry years to convey the vision of the work he was sent to do. He knew that his followers must see the mission in advance…so he would help them see it before returning to the Father. This took meticulous hours of live instruction. Every follower would be given “eyes to see”…remember when he told his followers that he had meat to eat which they did not know about and that his meat was to do will of Him who had sent him and to finish his work. And then he said “Lift up your eyes and look….” John 4:35..

Reaiming at the target: outreach

Just as Jesus came seeking the lost… so we are to be prospecting constantly to find those whom His grace has targeted and made ready to receive the truth. So we are sent into the field (the world) to plant seed everywhere and to water. Guidance in our daily lives will lead us to the right people…at the right time…who need to hear and see the right things…in order to get the right results.

Reaiming at the target: harvesting

The increase (those ready to receive the truth) must be prayed into the kingdom…the net must be drawn. As Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow me.” John 10:27. He also said, “All that the Father gives me, will come unto me. John: 6:37..

Reaiming at the target: training disciples who will teach others

Each week we are reminded of our task as a follower to reach out and serve others…to be a friend to sinners, to help seek and save the lost, to recruit more learners who will begin discipleship studies. So the harvest is truly a harvest of learners who will be trained to harvest more learners who will harvest more learners and so on.

On the firing line: action that hits the target… fulfills the mission

So all of us must make weekly decisions about how we spend our time…who we talk to or become aligned with…hopefully it is that we might do the works of him who sent us!” John 9:4. That we might be “always be abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as we know that our labor is in vain (or wasted) in the Lord. I Corinthians 15:58. For it is God that works in us to will and to do of his good pleasure. Philippians 2:13.

Mission Church: church@central coast

So this is our quest…our goal…our aspiration as we face each week…to be a mission church…totally overcome by the mission…totally consumed with the mission. For this reason we focus on our discipleship studies each week as the priority of our lives. Sunday is a day of outreach where we invite others to share in a meal at the barn where we meet. It is our prayer that the real life through the week training sessions will answer questions…will impart scripture application and inspire truth in action that is transforming us into effective followers of Christ.

As we shared last month we were able to spend 10 great days with our family in Iowa and Minnesota…it was a great blessing for us to be with them and we yet cherish the fresh memories.

When we returned to Central Coast California we hit the ground running and finished the month of August on the firing line as explained above. I believe we are ready to expand our number of weekly training sessions and are praying for the locations and for the followers who ready for this commitment.

Harvest season is here on the Central Coast especially for the grapes that are grown here. We are praying for the people harvest that is ever before us…may we reach those who God is preparing for his kingdom. May God continue to grant us all a fruitful autumn season…

Kingdom Blessings, Steve

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