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Aug 2013

Family Reunions

ALL, Church Planting Network

As we share this update we have been in transit and in the first few days of our stay with family in Minnesota.Amidst this different schedule we are trying to keep the plates spinning by remote on a number of things.We must use the in between moments to make calls, do business and accomplish necessities.

We are so thankful for the precious moments that we have to share with our family here…and in Iowa where we will also being spending a few days.It does not happen enough as far as we are concerned.So we must make the most of the time that we do get…usually once a year.

While we are here our family in California is also missed and we look forward to our return trip in about 10 days. At home we have our extended family… all those who are in our weekly gatherings who have become so special…including infants, children, teens and parents. The highlight of each week is our family reunion time with these…our close friends.

Reunions Revive

There is nothing like coming off a full day of work and joining together with others who also have been waiting for a time to share.The early followers (as the Scripture states) were of “one heart and one soul” …a close knit community caring for one another, helping one another in everyday life.This is exactly what is happening each week as people their concerns, their hurts, their needs…and life questions.Every week new life is poured into our gatherings and people find renewed life.

Reunions Restore

With the new life comes restoration…as it says “he restores our souls…”Our faith is renewed and strengthened…our love is growing, our understanding of truth is deepening.In so many ways it is the together times that are creating Christ likeness in each of us as we are built up (or edified) by the body.

Reunions Recommission

Each week we are reminded of our task as a follower to reach out and serve others…to be a friend to sinners, to help seek and save the lost, to recruit more learners who will begin discipleship studies.When people are absent we are prompted to pray and to find them for the next gathering.We are praying for God’s grace to work and draw others in the world…opening their lives to the truth.So week by week we aim at becoming more committed to the harvest…to becoming the effective workers that the Lord sends into his harvest.

Reunions Reproduce

A few weeks ago 3 of us met at a local businessman’s office…all on a moments notice…to pray for his business and the financial trouble he was facing.After sharing some scripture…some testimonies, he asked us if we could all pray together…he was ready for God’s intervention.He prayed professing his faith in Christ…seeking forgiveness…and emergency help for he and his family.What appreciation he expressed…for each of us taking time from our day to come to his office.We left believing that God was “in every part of this event” reproducing another follower.

Reunions Reach

Last Sunday 3 of us went to the house of Luis who is diagnosed with terminal cancer…he was told he only has weeks to live.His home was full of family and friends coming to see him from out of town.We were able to share with all of them that Jesus is the only hope…natural means are limited…supernatural means are unlimited.Before we left we prayed for them all and especially Luis that they would put their trust in the Almighty.Through this reunion many heard that there is only one way to the Father…and to his intervention and provision.

Summer is closing in on us…may you all have a great finish to this wonderful season.We are so glad to be with the rest of our family here in the northland for these few days…but are already missing those who we left behind on the Central Coast.May God continue to grant us all a fruitful summer…

Kingdom Blessings,Steve

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