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Steve and Carol are developing a network of believers that supports a ministry devoted to establishing new churches in the US Southwest and Mexico. From 1990 to the present, they have been involved with an outreach to Mexican migrant families. Their English classes for Spanish-speaking persons open the door for the Gospel to that growing community.

Feb 2017
Moving Forward...On Mission

ALL, Church Planting Network

May God bless you as you see his mission where you live. Because He is real in our lives…we will hear his call…we will be sent as Jesus was sent to reveal the one and only true God to the world. This is all about bringing honor and glory to our incredible Creator God.

Aug 2016
Back to School...More Teachers

ALL, Church Planting Network

The Lord has been good to all of us here on the Central Coast of California throughout these summer months…and now we are coming to the next season…as our school children return next week…we are reminded of just how fast this year is moving.

Mar 2016
In Memory of “the El Franko”

ALL, Church Planting Network

This past month of February has seemed to set the record… in how fast a month can come and go! Other than some important birthday celebrations…it was life as usual in most respects. Our weekly routine here includes a series of personal and small group meetings…never dull…always spontaneous…always a current message from the Lord for his church. On the last weekend of February, however, February 27th, I was privileged to attend a missions meeting in Carpinteria, about 75 miles south of Santa Maria. For me, it was exactly what I would have chosen to do on my birthday and it unfolded like this.

Dec 2013
An Amazing Christmas Story

ALL, Church Planting Network

We want to send you Christmas greetings…as we celebrate together the turning point in history…the astounding entry of Emmanuel…”God with us”…the kingdom of heaven was at hand because the Prince of Peace…the promised Messiah had come…the world was changed forever as he brought “peace on earth and good will to men” especially for all who would receive Him!

Nov 2013
Ministry of Friendships

ALL, Church Planting Network

Recently, we have been reminded of Jesus great earthly ministry…though he was rejected by the establishment…he accomplished the goal of preparing workers to continue his worldwide ministry.

Sep 2013
Mission: Refocus…Aim…Fire

ALL, Church Planting Network

Any one who has used a magnifying instrument (scope) understands the need for focusing and refocusing in order to see correctly through the lens. Life can get out of focus…ministry can get out of focus…

Aug 2013
Family Reunions

ALL, Church Planting Network

As we share this update we have been in transit and in the first few days of our stay with family in Minnesota.Amidst this different schedule we are trying to keep the plates spinning by remote on a number of things.We must use the in between moments to make calls, do business and accomplish necessities.

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