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Nov 2013

Up Close and Personal


Psalm 9:1

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.

IGO WorldWide is growing

Three new ministries were added this year and another is making application.

Bruce and Bonnie enjoyed aiding ministries and this year work included Bulgaria, Hungary and The Netherlands. The annual Board of Director's meeting was held late in October in Minnesota and Bruce is privileged to serve as the General Field Director.

Partners In Evangelism Intl.

PIE had their annual Board of Director's meeting early November and Bruce is privileged to serve as the Area Director for Europe & Africa and on the Executive Committee. More important is the opportunity to assist and minister alongside national Christians in their own context. This year it included work in Uganda and Hungary.

We are so very thankful to God and blessed by Him to rub shoulders with faithful men and women who volunteer their time and their unique abilities (without pay) to further the gospel. In both IGO WorldWide and Partners In Evangelism International, during these last two weeks in particular, we have witnessed 'up close and personal' the behind the scenes work of Board Members taking place to facilitate individual ministries in numerous countries.


Regarding Bonnie's mother, we are thankful for God's grace in her life. Last month we reported acute kidney failure necessitating mother entering a hospice facility and Bonnie coming to the USA ahead of Bruce to be with her. However, God had other plans: Mother's kidney is now functioning within a normal range and so she was moved back into a long-term care facility. Please pray Mother will understand God's grace working in her life. During this Thanksgiving season of year we review afresh the wonder of the Lord's care. Sometimes doors that we think should open, don't. And often new challenges emerge instead. We have to be flexible. 'Up close and personal' we have learned to depend upon the Lord . . . and be truly thankful for His care, guidance and grace.

We remain - faithful, because of Calvary, Bruce & Bonnie

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