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Sep 2013

Lord Weaves Events to His Purpose


So, that was August. Not like we’d planned . . . but the Lord, in his providence, wove events to his purposes. The two of us had to go our separate ways this month (not fun at all) at nearly opposite sides of the globe, and there were significant periods when time dragged with loneliness. Glad September is here!

Literally on our way back from the ferry crossing into England, Bonnie got a text from her sister saying she was desperately needed to help in their mother’s care. So, 36 hours later, Bonnie flew to Atlanta for the whole month. Mother was moved to a new level of care, her apartment vacated, furniture disbursed, miscellaneous belongings sorted, time absorbing legal paperwork and errands had to be attended and emotions had to be calmed. This was the right time to help the whole family and the best window for us to be apart. We are glad Bonnie had the stamina and the extra power from on high to make a difference.

Bruce flew to Bucharest, Romania, for IGOww. The missionary project Christ For Romania is an evangelistic endeavour of Jonathan and Andreea DeSeno. Early in August they bore their third child, a baby girl named Ilinca. Their work on the streets of Bucharest include personal witnessing on a daily basis and producing outreach DVD’s on provocative subjects and distributed freely. In addition to that they are part of a team founding a new church. It was Bruce’s privilege and joy to spend an evening with the wider leadership of this church, helping them think through administration, vision and general goals.

Meanwhile at home, Bruce kept busy with Buckingham Evangelical Church, our church with which we have great delight and are privileged to serve. After a recent sermon, Bruce was greatly encouraged by the response of several teens who now want to hold weekly Bible studies. Also that week, one of the men of the church telephoned to say how he’d been praying and thinking of how lonely it must be for husband and wife to be apart for such a long time . . . and he asked if he could pray over the phone. Wow! That made the day!

As soon as Bonnie returns, it’s off to Turkey - Brittany and David are assessing ministry options. The recent closing of their sending church caused a significant loss of financial support. As their parents, we would like to be of help in any way they desire and we are able as they face new decisions. Then, later this month, Bruce will be in Sophia, Bulgaria, to investigate a Bible printing / distribution ministry and church planting endeavour that just partnered with IGOww

  • Pray for Bonnie’s family as they still work through a myriad of details
  • Pray for Britt, Dave and the girls as they prepare for a furlough earlier than expected
  • Pray that the meetings in Bulgaria will solidify this new partnership for IGOww
  • pray for the church in Buckingham - leaders, life, growth and outreach

The Lord is so good in expanding our lives - ministry, faith, opportunity, energy and dreams - and allowing you to be our friends, dear ones with whom we can share what the Lord is doing. We thank the Lord for the relationship we enjoy with you.

We remain your extension to wider missions, faithful - because of Calvary, Bruce & Bonnie Robinson

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