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Annual trip & home again
Dec 2013

Annual trip & home again


Driving to Minnesota

Our annual USA interaction with mission boards and ministry commitments is about over. A big storm passed over Atlanta and moved up the east coast leaving warmer, rather sunny weather behind. We saw an English program one night which included scenes of fog and grey skies. Nonetheless, we got a bit homesick.

Thanksgiving dinner with extended family in Atlanta is held in a restaurant since 25 people are too many for one house. Britt and Dave and girls were with us the weekend before the holiday and returned north on a line with the storm to spend turkey day with David's sister. Their big news is that Britt is expecting their third baby - a boy! That will make 11 grandchildren.

Tuesday 3rd December, we watched the weather channels and moved ahead of the snow which blanketed the mid-west. We fly home today, 13th December. Bruce preaches at Buckingham Evangelical Church the 22nd and we hope to have a more quiet time with Ben and family over the Christmas season. That about rounds out a long and very productive, exciting year for sure! The Lord has been so good!

We praise the Lord for His provision on every level this past year, and we are called to trust Him for the new year. We are so grateful for our regular monthly and quarterly contributors to keep us within a budget, and our annual donors are counted on to make up some of the lack.

Contact with Romania continued in Atlanta. A Romanian pastor we came to know and love two weeks after the Romanian revolution eventually accepted a call to a church in New York City. Now his three married children live in Atlanta. Bruce was privileged to speak at their Romanian Baptist Church one Sunday evening. It was a gentle reminder of how God uses multiple events (sometimes seemingly unconnected and often unnoticed at the time) to bring us where we are today . . . serving national Christian leaders in Europe and Africa. This prompted a delight in the prospect of returning to Romania in 2014.

A party was kindly hosted for us by long-time friends with whom we stay in Minnesota so we could catch up with several others we would have missed on this trip.

The Lord has wonderfully supplied our needs over this past year and we praise Him for that. It is only right, however, to tell you that our support base needs to be firmed up to maintain the level it should have been in 2013.

Please consider joining us in financial partnership with a one-time, year-end gift and / or committing to regular support (any amount will certainly help) in 2014. Your encouragement at this time would do much more than you might imagine.

Our home is where the heart is. Living out of a suitcase has its challenges. We do understand that life in 'a different bed' isn't for everyone but God has given us a heart to assist in various cultural settings and to adapt whether it is Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Uganda or countries in between. Our 'home' and most familiar bed is in England and it is there we love to live and serve on a regular basis. 2014 will, indeed, include both ACTSent work 'on the road' as well as life working amongst God's people in Buckingham.

As 2013 closes and is followed by hopes and dreams and calls of a new year, we are reminded to 'Trust in the Lord with all our heart'. Jesus came as 'the Prince of peace' and He left His peace with us, and gave it unto us, to let it rule in the heart. Pray that we will rest in the Lord, using time wisely, efficiently and effectively in 2014.

May the peace of God be yours this season and throughout 2014.

We remain - faithful, because of Calvary,
Bruce & Bonnie

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