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Aug 2013

Accent on Good News


I believe the answer's on the way,
I believe the Lord has heard me pray.
Cast not away your confidence saith the Lord your God.

We write this newsletter while sitting under olive trees that shade us from very hot sun. No complaints. England has experienced unprecedented cold weather... until we 'got out of town' for some respite. Funny. All of Europe, including England, is now under a heat wave. No, we couldn't have stayed home!

For a week we joined Rip and family camping. Yes, this is how we vacation... in a tent and cooking out of doors. It's a 'throw back' to Bruce's growing up -- canoeing in a Canadian wildernes, Boy Scouts, relishing trees and water. Bonnie recalls similar experiences in youth church camps.

Hearing... silence. God is so absolutely marvelous. Just thinking about the beauty of nature chokes us up. What was Eden like if His hand has painted such scenes we see today? Contempating Eden restored, new earth, heaven, stretches the imagination. We leave tomorrow for home.

Bonnie has been in touch with her sister via FaceBook daily regarding their mother's health and general condition. There has been a drastic change in mother's mobility and, together with other mounting problems, the assisted living residence could not provide the additional needed care. We were told mother had to relocate immediately the last day of July.

We sounded abroad a request for prayer -- the Lord had to intervene quickly, there were multiple issues involved. And, even before that urgent email was sent, the answer was on its way... miraculously! All the pieces fit together including finding the one bed in the one place with the right care in a location near Bonnie's sister's house. We know now that God had reserved this from the beginning... despite our anxiety... putting our confidence in the Lord (where it should be) and not being afraid.

So, it's an unusual month: Two days after our return, Bonnie will fly to Atlanta to help in the family emergency. Bruce will continue with the church here, preaching, etc., and mid-August will fly to Romania to teach and counsel. We need your prayer for wisdom and strength, and Bonnie's family need special prayer and care at this time.

Thank you,
Bruce & Bonnie

P.S. Bonnie is, in fact, now in Atlanta So please pray for her and her family.

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