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May 2016
Embracing the Balkans


For Bruce and me it was a fulfilling of the desire of our hearts. This dream of bringing together church planters and others from Eastern European countries, especially in the Balkan region, to understand, encourage, inspire and work together to push forward the Gospel and the principle of teaching others to teach others. Read on . . .

Apr 2016
Gaining a perspective


Gaining a perspective

We are in the guest apartment of the Bible League Bulgaria headquarters. In front of our dining table is a large window allowing a view over the capital city, Sofia. We are in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains and the lights dazzle well below us. This is one of those respite times to regroup, reflect and see Eastern Europe as it is . . . hopefully as Jesus sees it; and being available . . . as Jesus leads us. Read on . . .

May 2014
The Journey Continues


Africa is a 'shot in the arm!' We left Kampala with renewed ideas, enthusiasm & insight . . . something our colleagues there always supply in ample measure. The flight, & stifling heat, from Entebbe through Nairobi and on to London Heathrow (like going from Dallas to Atlanta to England) didn't dim any encouragement we got with the prospects ahead. We wonder . . . is Africa possibly 5,000 miles closer to Heaven?

Read the rest of the newsletter here.

Apr 2014
Living hope


The Lord is good to keep us on track amidst the various challenges; but we ask you to pray we can keep fresh in spirit, energy and focus while we 'multi-task' without a break.

Jan 2014
A Thousand Gifts


As we begin this new year, we do so with thanks to our Heavenly Father for you, our dear friends.

The Lord has been gracious to us this past year to supply health, resources and opportunity to serve in mission.

Dec 2013
Annual trip & home again


Annual trip & home again

Driving to Minnesota

Our annual USA interaction with mission boards and ministry commitments is about over. A big storm passed over Atlanta and moved up the east coast leaving warmer, rather sunny weather behind. We saw an English program one night which included scenes of fog and grey skies. Nonetheless, we got a bit homesick.

Sep 2013
Lord Weaves Events to His Purpose


So, that was August. Not like we’d planned . . . but the Lord, in his providence, wove events to his purposes. The two of us had to go our separate ways this month (not fun at all) at nearly opposite sides of the globe, and there were significant periods when time dragged with loneliness. Glad September is here!

Aug 2013
Accent on Good News


We write this newsletter while sitting under olive trees that shade us from very hot sun. No complaints. England has experienced unprecedented cold weather... until we 'got out of town' for some respite. Funny. All of Europe, including England, is now under a heat wave. No, we couldn't have stayed home!

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