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Venisa's Story

Written by Kristin Wolford. Posted in Emmanuel

I’m excited to share about what God has been doing in Venisa’s life the past few months. Venisa is a young woman who lives in Batey Prudencio. We met Venisa last year when we were working with the children in Prudencio. Part of our strategy in ministry is to work with people who live in the communities. We want to include and empower them to discover and use the gifts, talents and resources God has given them to love and serve others.

In this case, we were looking for young people from the community who would be interested in working with the children. Venisa was the first to volunteer.

The first thing our teammates mentioned about Venisa is that the children really listen to her and respect her. Then, they told me about how Venisa always arrives early and is eager to help however she can. I watched Venisa with the children and noticed immediately that she is a natural teacher.

Venisa is also a leader among her peers. She helped us start the English & Discipleship classes for young adults in Batey Prudencio. What the youth first noticed about Venisa is true: when Venisa speaks, people listen.

After working with Venisa several months, the team thought it would be great to have Venisa as a regular part of our team. We asked Venisa if she'd like to join us, and she glady accepted the invitation. Now Venisa travels from her home in the batey and stays with me a couple of times a week to attend team meetings and to work on different aspects of the ministry. It’s been a blessing to get to know Venisa and develop a friendship with her.

Last night Venisa was sharing about how God has used this ministry to encourage her and bring her hope. She said that before we started working in Prudencio, she felt lost and discouraged about her future. Venisa expressed her excitement and appreciation for this ministry. She explained how this ministry has helped her recognize that God does have a plan and a purpose for her life. Venisa has come to recognize some of her gifts and talents and that God can and IS using her to impact the lives of the people around her. Venisa has opened up so much, and is allowing God to work in and through her more and more. She is clearly a vessel for the Lord. I'm glad to have Venisa on our team and excited to see how God is going to continue to work in and through her.

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Venisa's Story