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Our Joyful Conviction

Written by Jim Odens on . Posted in From the office

Hi! Welcome to our site and thank you for visiting and taking an interest in this ministry.

Our joyful conviction is that Jesus Christ is the most precious person in the universe. He is certainly precious to God the Father, being the beloved Son in whom the Father takes great pleasure. Jesus is the King of kings and Lord of lords, who possesses all authority in heaven and on earth. His name is above every name—a truth that will some day be recognized and acknowledged by everyone.

Jesus Christ is precious because, in obedience to God the Father, He left His heavenly home and came to this world that was filled with sin and evil. However, instead of coming to condemn sinners, He came to die in their place, taking on Himself the death penalty they deserved.

Jesus Christ is precious because He could not be held in death’s grip. He was placed in a tomb, but it could hold Him for only three days. Then He rose from the dead in victory over the sin that brought death into the world in the first place.

Jesus Christ is precious because He is now in heaven, sitting at the right hand of God the Father and interceding for all who turn from their sins and trust Him as their Savior and Lord. Jesus is interceding, and the Father will not deny anything He asks!

This preciousness of Jesus Christ is why International Gospel Outreach exists to make disciples of Him through proclaiming the good news about Him that I have just described. His preciousness is why we gladly invite you to participate with us in this venture—whether as a prayer warrior, a financial contributor, a volunteer helper or a herald of the gospel where our Lord sees fit to place you.

Delighting in the God who is enough,
Jim Odens

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