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Basic functions

Maintain meaningful communication with the IGO Worldwide Field Administrator and Missionaries:
  • Exchange needed information and comments, effectively.
  • Observe missionary activities firsthand and monitor compliance with IGO contract.
  • Provide necessary aid, comfort or assistance, utilizing all resources available.
Maintain faithful commitments with our Financial Supporters and Prayer Partners:
  • Uphold Our Core Beliefs, which are essential to the Christian faith.
  • Demonstrate competence and ethical conduct in all corporate matters.
  • Certify qualified individuals to serve on the mission field.
Maintain strict compliance with Federal and State laws & regulations:
  • Preserve legal status as a tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation.
  • Conform to established accounting and business practices.
  • File accurate reports with governmental agencies, in a timely manner.

igo worldwide

P.O. Box 2164
Stillwater, MN
55082-3164, USA

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