Hand in Hand

relieving poverty, hunger, and suffering

Cliff & Kay Netz

Because of the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Hand in Hand Together has been called to minister to people in need. This includes both spiritual needs and material needs.

Our work is primarily in Ukraine, where there are many opportunities to show the love of Jesus to people living in instability, war and spiritual darkness. Spiritual needs are addressed by sponsoring Bible camps, youth outreach and evangelism efforts. These ministries are carried out by local believers, seminary students and churches.  Support and encouragement is given to these dedicated Christians who are eager to present the gospel and to shine the light of Jesus into difficult situations in Ukraine.

Material needs are addressed through humanitarian assistance. Since 1994 Hand in Hand Together has collected and distributed humanitarian aid to needy people and institutions in the former Soviet Union. Aid is provided to refugees, needy families, pensioners, orphans, disabled people and any others who demonstrate need.

The goals of Hand in Hand Together are to relieve poverty, hunger and suffering as a practical demonstration of Christ's love and to offer the hope of the gospel working with national believers and Christian ministries.

Cliff and Kay Netz serve through this ministry with gratefulness to God for many opportunities and blessings in over twenty years of its operation.

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