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Brent & Stephanie Green

The Greens currently live in Gardner, KS.Their primary ministry is three-fold:

  1. International Workshops
  2. One on one Career Coaching for those seeking God's calling (both here in the U.S. and internationally)
  3. Agricultural Workshops (in Russia and Ukraine)


International Workshops

Their international workshops have taken place the last few years in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Mexico, and Vietnam. They are working in partnership with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) Graduates ministry. This ministry is designed to help people practice their Christian faith in the business world. Mos of these workshops are Pursuing Your Calling workshops that help people identify and live out their callings.

They also conduct team-building workshops for organizations that want to improve cohesiveness of their teams. These are built around the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventories


Career Coaching

In an effort to help people really 'zero in' on their callings, they also provide professional 'career coaching' packages (see at www.PursuingYourCalling.com). They offer these as paid services to people all around the world. Some coaching is done for free (for example - follow up to our International workshops in developing nations) or reduced price.

Agricultural Workshops

This is a new venture started in mid 2013 aimed at serving people in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. The agricultural industry is in need of development and improvement of efficiencies. Brent and business partners are developing a business to serve customers in improving agricultural efficiencies.

Long Term Plans

The Greens will continue to provide professional workshops and coaching around the world, with special emphasis in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Block countries. They will be moving to Ukraine in the Fall of 2013 after 8 1/2 years being based in the U.S. To learn more about their ministry, contact Brent at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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